on Thursday, 11 August 2011

 In the opposite direction of the above, here's some fantastic ideas for stuff.

I love how this link was a project? What kind of project I don't have a clue, but it's a damn good one. A genius idea if I ever saw one. Send a camera through the mail to see if people take pictures along the way. Which they do, and it's really quite nice to see. That people took the time to help people out, even if it was for a weird ass project.
Chekkit - http://freepicturesforyou.net/Cameramail.html

As a driver I'm normall pretty pissed off with everyone else for being dicks on the road. As I'm sure everyone else in the world is too. So this next one about a mayor who takes a fucking TANK and drives over some dudes Merc for parking like a retard deserves any respect and a key to the city. Which he probably already has.
Chekkit - http://swns.com/mayor-runs-over-illegally-parked-car-in-tank-021245.html

And then as you may or may not have guessed this next random image sums me and pretty much most of the people visiting the internet right up. Yeah. I'm going to hell.
Chekkit - http://meme-meme.org/post/7147292996/its-funny-because-its-true