on Wednesday, 24 August 2011
Who doesn't like women because breasts? I know I do.

First up, an awesome sofa. I've got no idea when or where this would be totally useful, or who has this kind of space, I know I don't. But do want all the same. Modular sofas sound fantastic. Screw getting the old chairs in from the kitchen or dining room. NO. I'll buy another module for the sofa. Genius idea.
Chekkit: http://dornob.com/combo-couch-all-in-one-lounger-love-seat-sofa-bed/

Not much explanation needed on this on. Delicious irony regarding the USA.
 Chekkit: http://loled.net/?p=4267

Finally in another "DO WANT" moment. I found this monster. I wish I had the money for something even half as cool as this, as it stands I'm looking to purchase a T2 VW camper from somewhere. That's MY do want. But enough of that, here's a yacht which has a pool in the ocean. Yep, you read it right.
Chekkit: http://thecoolgadgets.com/atreides-luxury-yacht-with-retractable-pool-the-new-lifestyle-for-rich-and-famous/